Australian Paul Halstead’s Supercar In 2016

2016 Paul Halstead Supercar Australian Paul Halsteads Supercar In 2016

Paul Halstead, an Australian entrepreneur and the head of an automotive design and engineering company named HAL, has decided to gift the world a supercar that will be motivated by a jaw dropping W16 14.0 liter engine. The supercar will make its first public appearance at the Detroit Autorama hot rod event in the year 2016 and there is a good chance that it will bag the coveted Ridler Award.

It won’t be a single engine but two LS7 V8 7.0 liter engines joined at 45 degrees that will cumulatively generate the required power. The car will get a “trick transfer case” which will allow the two crankshafts of the two V8 engines to function seamlessly with a single six speed sequential transmission gearbox. This is contrast to a Bugatti Veyron where a single crankshaft operates the gearbox.

The engine will be generating 1,200 bhp (895 kW) of power which will be sent to rear wheels through a limited slip differential. However there is some bad news for speed enthusiasts. Paul Halstead has clarified that the car is being made more for fun than for commercial reasons. There is very little chance that a production series will see the light of the day.

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