Nissan announces 2014 GT-R Opal Midnight Edition

2014 Nissan GT R Midnight Opal Edition Nissan announces 2014 GT R Opal Midnight Edition

Nissan has always been known for its functional and useful cars. The company has now announced its GT-R Opal midnight edition. 100 examples of the model will now be available.

The car is powered by the twin turbo V6 3.8l petrol engine which delivers a maximum power of 545 bhp. If you are looking for greater power, you will have to wait till next year. Nissan plans to launch the Nismo version then which will have a more powerful engine. It is expected to deliver a maximum power of 570 bhp.

The Opal midnight car derives its name from the midnight color. Each coat of the color is applied by hand. The result is that, viewed from different angles, the color has a distinct two tone effect. This imparts an exotic air to the car. According to Nissan, the look is comparable to the best super cars of the world.

In addition to this premium treatment, there is a carbon fiber rear spoiler which will add down force. Forged alloys with hyper titanium finish have been used tastefully in the car. The gold plated number plaque on the engine bay imparts an air of elegance to the beautifully finished GT-R OpalMidnight edition.

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