Ron announces new RXX and R7

RON RXX 1 Ron announces new RXX and R7

Excitement and anticipation mount among the car lovers as Ron automobile came out with the first official announcement and picture of their two new sports car models. These are the Ron RXX and the R7. Both the models will be made in Mexico.

Ron has brought all its technical and designing excellence to create a super lightweight racing car. The RXX is a flagship car which is distinguished by its highly futuristic design. Angular lines nicely complement soft curved surfaces to create the perfect machine. Two tandem seats with their own roll bars are distinctive features of the interior.

Several innovations have been put into place to make the car extremely light and maneuverable. The lightweight chassis and the carbon fiber body help in this. However, Ron has not yet disclosed other technical or designing specification. It is only known that the RXX will probably be available in three grades of models. These are RXX, RXX-S and RXX-R. The features as well as power output will vary in each model.

Inspired by the Lotus 7, Ron is also developing another model named R7. The prototype is still in the stage of development. No information regarding features or possible launch dates about these two cars are available as yet.


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