2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid revealed

2014 Ford C Max Hybrid 2014 Ford C Max Hybrid revealed

Ford has unveiled the 2014 C Max Hybrid which has undergone a number of significant changes in order to improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. The model has done everything to improve on its aerodynamic nature. Changes include the new A pillar moldings, improved hood seals, revised tire deflectors, and the new tailgate deflectors. The other changes that have been incorporated in the model are the revamped gearing, software changes for the active grille shutter system, low friction engine oil to enhance the efficiency, and a climate control system. Ford has been stressing on the improved fuel economy bit a lot these days. Customers who felt they had been bluffed with the fuel consumption rating of the current C MAX Hybrid, will be receiving goodwill payments from Ford as a move directed to appease their voices. All these moves have paid off. The demand for the C MAX Hybrid continues to be very strong. Two thirds of the sales are from imports. There will be certain gearing changes too that will serve to make the transmission drive ratio more efficient. With this car, Ford looks all set to dominate the hybrid market.

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