2014 Holden VF Commodore Ute SSV Redline

2014 Holden VF Commodore Ute SSV Redline 5 2014 Holden VF Commodore Ute SSV Redline

This is the latest addition to the line of the SSV Redline cars by Holden. The car promises to give you an unmatched sports car driving experience and for that purpose they have included a state of the art suspension system package and a lot of technical upgrades. This car combines the best of both worlds. While it serves a luxurious ride during the weekdays through busy city roads, it also gives great track experience during those weekend getaways. It is available in three variants, namely, Ute, sedan and Sportwagon.

The car has exclusive features that clearly puts it miles ahead of its competition. To give the ultimate premium look and feel, Holden has packed in a rich set of features like Head-up Display, Passive Entry and Push Button Start, leather appointed seats, and Bose premium audio system (found only in the sedan variant though). Undoubtedly this car is the most refined one that has come out of the Holden stable.

The extra care that has been taken to eliminate noise and the VF program targets place it as one of the enviable cars in its segment. The car comes with an optional setting called the Competitive mode. It adjusts the electric power steering settings and also adjusts the calibration of the Electronic Stability Control thereby giving the optimum sports car experience. No Holden car has ever seen such wide wheels and tyres attached to its body as this one. As a result of these wide tyres, the grip on roads is extreme and it adds to the sports car feeling. If you are opting for the manual transmission variant of this car, it comes with a feature called Launch Control. It relinquishes control of the transmission gearbox when the car switches to the Competitive Mode.

The FE3 chassis has made a comeback with this model. Lightweight aluminium materials have also been used extensively on the body of the car. As a result of these, the lateral acceleration and limit handling of the car has considerably improved. Performance was a key term in the design of this car as is evident from the features. It has been aptly described as the driver’s car by the makers. For the music maniac, this car has a 220 W Bose audio system coupled with 9 speakers and a sub woofer to give the ultimate sonic experience to the ones inside the car.

The Color Head Up display is one of the startling innovations by Holden. Important information about the car’s parameters is conveyed to the driver on the windscreen directly. This prevents the driver from taking his eyes off the road. The information that the HUD displays on the windscreen can be any of the following : vehicle speed, tachometer, turn signal indicator, high beam indicator, selected gear, forward collision alert indicator, front park assist indicator, turn by turn navigation display, audio functions, outside air temperature, phone information, vehicle messages, lateral acceleration, and racing shift lights. There is a lane departure warning system in the car that prevents the driver from switching lanes on the road. There is a blind spot alert system too.

The sedan version comes with a sun roof. There is enhanced voice control and satellite navigation too. The steering wheel has been wrapped in leather to give a sports car feeling. The infotainment display is in the form of a 8 inch MyLink color touchscreen that supports apps. There is a reverse traffic alert system embedded in the car too for additional safety. The pricing of this car should begin from AU $48,990.


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