2014 Toyota Sai Hybrid Sedan launched – details and photos

2014 Toyota Sai 1 2014 Toyota Sai Hybrid Sedan launched   details and photos

The updated version of the Toyota Sai has at last been revealed in Japan. The Sai first made its appearance in 2009 where two Chinese characters pronounced Sai was depicted to represent talent and coloration. The 2014 version has been revamped with several additional features. it now comes with much enhanced aerodynamic power, rigidity of the body and styling details.

Both the interior and the exterior has been redesigned in the Toyota Sai. The exterior appearance was completely redesigned and smooth character lines now flow from the front emblem, across the sides to the rear, conveying a sense of power and elegance. The ultra wide LED headlamps span almost completely across the front of the car lending an aggressive stance to it. This is enhanced by the thick horizontal lines which are stacked from the hood to the bumper.

If the front conveys a sense of power, the design of the rear of the car emphasizes on stability. The rear view flows smoothly into a combination tail and the rear reflectors are set low in order to establish a unique configuration. The car comes equipped with 16 inch wheels combining machine cut highlights with black paintwork. It throws the relief of the car into sharp contrast. You can choose from seven different colors including Red Mica Metallic, Grey Mica Metallic and Clear Stream Metallic.

The interior of t he car also embodies a number of such powerful designing elements. Wood grain and metal plating accents are now placed on the dashboard. It gives a modern look to the car. The center console extends effortlessly from the video display to the console box on the side. The incorporation of the Remote Touch Control System is one of the most notable innovations of the car.

Several touches of elegance work together in the interior to convey a subtle sense of class and style. One of them is the stitched fabric on the shifter knobs, armrests and gauge hoods; another is the audio dials etched from aluminum. Clear Blue4 illuminates the switches and the gauges while the interior is bathed in ambience lighting from the metal plated center console moldings. You can choose from four new different colors for the interior including the calm ambience inspired by the Japanese Akane plant. This calm is heightened by the use of reinforced sound insulation material, sound reducing glass and a refined engine mount. The result is a marked quietness in the cabin which you can truly enjoy.

The greatest selling point of the Toyota Sai is that it has incorporated ground breaking technology to become one of the most environmentally friendly machines to roll out on road. It has incorporated a hybrid control system technology so that it has achieved an unprecedented fuel economy of 22.4 kmpl while carbon emission has been reduced to only 104 g/km. The effect will directly be felt on your pocket. In addition to saving on fuel, it is also eligible for tax reductions under the Tax benefit program for environment friendly vehicles floated by the Japanese government.

The attention to the environment is also seen in the use of recycled resin materials in almost 100 parts in the car including lower grille, underfloor cover and even in the pigment for the interior coloring.

The car embodies cutting edge technology in its infotainment system. the ten speaker SD navigation system with microSD card slot, Blu – ray compatibility and additional features like two USB slots instead of one – all are aimed to meet the changing needs of the customers. You can even use the battery of the hybrid power system as a source if power in case of emergencies with the help of an electric socket for accessories.


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