2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R – a statement in power and style

2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid R 2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid R – a statement in power and style

The Hybrid Yaris R has been build on the concept of the 3 door Yaris by Toyota. The car is powered by a 1.6 liter petrol Global Race engine. it is complemented by two electric motors which supply intelligent four wheel drive capability.

In the front is a 300 HP 4 cylinder 1.6 turbo engine with direct injection. It was specifically developed by Toyota Motorsport GmbH so that the Global Race engine can be used in different scenario. Each of the rear wheels is powered by 60 hp electric motor like the one used in Yaris Hybrid. The total power delivered by the hybrid powertrain is 420 hp. The main contribution of the electric motors is to work as electric generators during the braking phase and to supplement the petrol engine during the acceleration phase.

The energy that is recovered during the braking phase is stored in the upper capacitator which is ideally designed to deliver quick and intense bursts of power. This energy is released for maximum 10 seconds per charge in road mode and 5 seconds per charge in trackj mode. This means that while the power of the two electric motors is reduced to 40 hp in road mode, it is increased to 120 hp in the track mode.

In addition, a 60 hp electric motor is located between the engine and the six gear sequential transmission. When the engine power and torque exceeds the grip potential of the front wheels, the generator acts like an advanced traction control system. the torque is redirected to the rear wheels. This improves handling and acceleration.

In addition to these, each of the motors act independently as a generator or motor so that the ultimate result is the same as the intelligent torque vectoring system.

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