Nissan autonomous cars to be ready by 2020

 Nissan autonomous cars to be ready by 2020

The technological demands of automobile are changing and leading companies like Nissan have been working thoroughly to anticipate the needs and be prepared with futuristic automobiles till 2020. The engineers of the company have been working with leading Universities like Stanford, Oxford, Carnegie Mellon and Tokyo. A dedicated testing driveway is under construction in Japan. This is a real mock up of a town with masonry and the Nissan cars will be tested here to push the known boundaries. This will ensure a high level of safety incorporated in the future Nissan cars.

The Autonomous driving technology developed by Nissan is actually a 360 degrees view of the Safety Shield developed by the company. It takes an all round view of the vehicle, assesses the risks to the driver and then takes appropriate actions. The philosophy behind this action is that everything required by the car should be on board. It should be a self contained and self dependant unit and need not rely on external data. So, whether you need lane change or guidance to avoid collision, you can do all that without a map. The various elements of this system are laser scanners, around view monitors, advanced artificial intelligence system and actuators. This system is then integrated with the in car navigation system. the entire concept is to be tested at Nissan 360 in Southern California.

This is a revolutionary concept and is sure to have repercussions throughout the automobile industry. It will also have far reaching impact on a number of designing elements of the car. The autonomous driving technology implies that the reaction speed and timing will be faster than that of a human driver. Hence, both the engine and the chassis need to be modified to withstand this reaction.


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