2014 BMW i8 – the latest sporting car -features and photos

2014 BMW i8 5 2014 BMW i8 – the latest sporting car  features and photos

2014 BMW i8 8 2014 BMW i8 – the latest sporting car  features and photos

The BMW I brand refers to purebred vehicles and the i8 has now been launched. This 2+2 seater has been constructed based on a revolutionary concept. It is a plug in hybrid. The passenger cell is made up of carbon fiber reinforced plastic while the combustion engine, electric motor, battery pack and the suspension are all housed in an aluminum frame. The result is a highly aerodynamic model which can deliver levels of comfort and sustainability which has never been achieved in this class.

The car has become a trailblazer in its class as it combines a revolutionary vehicle concept with the most advanced Intelligent Drive Management System. the car is powered by a 1.5 liters three cylinder gasoline combustion engine which generates a power of 170 kW. In addition, there is the electric motor which develops a power of 96 kW which is powered by a lithium ion battery. The combustion engine powers the rear wheels while the electric motor sends power to the front axle. The car can travel up to 35 kms at a top speed of 120 kmph on electric power alone. The TwinPower Turbo engine has been combined with the intelligent eDrive system to deliver a seamless experience of riding efficiency that is a hallmark of the BMW group. The Valvetronic throttle less low control technology helps to heighten the efficiency of the engine. Overall, the car delivers a combined maximum power output of 266 kW and develops a combined torque of 570 Nm. When both the power sources are combined, the car takes only 4.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph and develops an electronically controlled top speed of 250 kmph. In addition several innovative technologies have been incorporated in the powertrain like the front rear split of power which enables better cornering function. A convenient eDrive button allows the driver to choose from five different driving modes.

The car is 4689 mm long, 1942 mm wide and 1293 mm high. This sporty proportion has been helped by the lightweight construction as CRPF has been used over large areas. The result is that the car can deliver a far more dynamic riding and handling experience. You can even opt for CRPF wheels which reduce the weight further. But the lightness in no way compromises the safety afforded by this material. In fact CRPF is known for its hugely improved torsional rigidity. The horizontally split LifeDrive architecture has been specially designed with safety considerations in mind. The combustion engine, the electric motor, the battery pack, structure and crash components are arranged in the aluminum Drive module while the central Life module consists of the CRPF passenger cell. Along with this near perfect weight distribution is the very low center of gravity of the car which makes it one of the safest vehicles on road. Additional safety measures like electronically controlled restraint systems, front and side airbags integrated into seat backrests, curtain airbags and three point inertia reeled seatbelts for all seats.

The interior design of the car spells comfort and luxury, but in the tradition of a good sports car. The lightweight seats sit low while leather treated with natural substances like olive leaf extract has been tastefully used to convey a sense of style and sustainability. The exterior design on the other hand consists of cleverly overlapping and interlocking surfaces which plays on the color scheme while presenting the car in an aerodynamic package. The flared wheel arches and the scissor type doors add to the stylish look of the vehicle. Finally, innovative laser highlights provide very bright illumination for the ease of the driver.


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