2014 BMW X5 Security Plus Concept to be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show

2014 BMW X5 Security Plus Concept 2014 BMW X5 Security Plus Concept to be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW will be unveiling the third generation of its Sports Activity Vehicle or SAV along with the third generation of the Security version at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor show, 2013. The X5 Security Plus concept has developed a unique package which offers all round protection to the passenger. This is often an important consideration in markets like Africa, South America or Russia. The passenger cabin is constructed from high performance steel moldings and panel which have been tested to give the passengers protection from AK47 – the most popular firearm in the world. A specially fabricated security glass has been used which is resistant to blunt instruments. A polycarbonate coating has been applied on the interior of the glass to protect it from flying splinters.

The car is powered by V8 petrol engine which comes with the BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. It generates a maximum power of 330 kW. This engine is mated with the BMW xDrive all wheel drive system that makes for a high degree of drivability and maneuverability in any situation.

Several security features have been incorporated in the BMW X5. The chassis and the engine has been accordingly adjusted to bear the increased weight of the vehicle. The end result is that the Security Plus offers almost the same level of performance as the BMW X5. Though the car is produced at the Spartanburg plant in USA, the security features are installed by highly skilled workers at the Toluca plant in Mexico. It is virtually indistinguishable from the normal X5 and it can handle as well as the car. The Intelligent Emergency Call System is standard. In addition, the car can be customized security wise according to the specifications of the customers. For example, there may be LED strobe lights in radiator grille, auxiliary battery or roof beacons with siren systems.


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