2014 Renault Initiale Paris Concept

2014 Renault Initiale Paris Concept 1 2014 Renault Initiale Paris Concept

2014 Renault Initiale Paris Concept 3 2014 Renault Initiale Paris Concept

While it is rare for a company to showcase six concept cars at a single motor show, Renault provided just such an impressive lineup signifying the various stages of life. The Initiale Paris concept represents wisdom – the final distillate of your life and the car is suitably impressive to live up to its name.

The external appearance of the car has been inspired by high quality outdoor furniture. Aluminum, matt finished walnut wood and satin finish on the chrome detailing add to the unique look and feel of the car. A strong light signature is provided by strong LED lights. It even comes with a lifelike blink while the rear lights are placed harmoniously in relation horizontal and vertical bars of the car. Finally, the amethyst body color appears to ripple in the changing light while the letter I is embossed on the sides and wheel of the car.

The interior of the car is no less grand. The doors are hinged at the rear, leading to some unique automobile style. The front seats are styled like armchairs, offering a remarkable degree of comfort. Several discreet adjustments have given the idea that the rear seats seem to float in the midst of the car.

On board entertainment has been revolutionized in the car. It includes 32 speakers which process bass, treble and mid range separately and uses a digital amplifier to maximize the impact. Each headrest comes with two specific enclosures with a pair of speakers. Each passenger can sit in a cocoon of his personal Surround sound in the Renault Initiale.
Finally, a number of technologies have been incorporated in the engine to offer superior convenience. Twin turbo technology and shift by wire control has been used to great effect. The six speed EDC automatic transmission has helped the engine in delivering superior performance.


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