Infiniti Q30 Concept to premier at the Frankfurt international motor show, 2014

2014 Infiniti Q30 Concept Infiniti Q30 Concept to premier at the Frankfurt international motor show, 2014

The Infiniti Q30 concept has now been revealed and it is clear that the company is targeting the new generation of consumers with the introduction of several new designing elements. The innovation starts with the design of the body itself which is a unique mixture of coupe, hatch and crossover. It embodies the sportiness of a coupe, the roominess of a hatch and the high stance of a crossover. The result is a new compact vehicle which will appeal to the high end customers. With this new designing language, Infiniti seeks to set itself free from the inherent drawbacks in each of the traditional designing concept. The aim is to reap the benefits from the different major design categories.

The premium designing themes is continued in the high quality material used in the interior to ensure an unforgettable experience of riding in the Infinity Q30. Refined fit and finish, worked out in premium quality material is specifically targeted to the discerning and demanding customers.

Design Director of Infiniti, Alfonso Albaisa has worked to import unique designing features to the Infiniti Q30 concept. The aim is to break out of traditions and deliver a premium vehicle which will take the company to the next level in the eyes of the consumers. But the design language of the company is still in the process of evolution and we can expect more innovative features in the future. The new design aims to incorporate bold masculine lines in the design to convey the sense of restrained power and efficiency. At the same time, curved and sweeping designing elements are being used to give a sensual look to the car. The company has already signaled that as the next logical step, it will extend the brand to a new premier segment.

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