2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo details

2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo 2014 Alfa Romeo MiTo details

The new Alfa Romeo Mito is a Italian style with all the features and looks. The model looks attractive and eye catching with special features. The model is expected to go on roads mid 2014. It depicts a technological image and offers a sporty look along with being compact sized. The model is sure to win over the drivers and its fans who demands for style and also the technical details and safety driving style. The new edition is brought out with all attractive packages and features. They includes new redesigned grille which is made up of chrome plates and provide a family feeling.

The fittings and inclusion of the grille makes the front of the car look steam lined and attractive. The headlights are of new design and it complements the car design. They are fitted with LED lamps and are powerful enough to make the crystal clear viewing. The interiors of the model are more sophisticated and it features all the latest and advanced technologies. The seats are leather made and are sporty enough. The colors in which the models are launched are all matching the design and it looks stunning in all of them. The black version looks specifically impressive and adds the extra x factor.

The engine is the best part of the model and is taken as the heart of this new Alfa Romeo Mito. With the features like sporty looks, stunning exteriors and many more the model has an impressive personality and it comes with an equally effective engine, which is powerful enough and is jam packed with latest technologies and features. The model is considered to a environment friendly and eco friendly vehicle with a less emitting noise. This is a new feature and will be a good aspect to follow. The new innovation of the model is that it has a new 105 horse power 0.9 twin air specifically met with its personality and very low fuel consumption rate.

The model is combined with a six speed manual gearbox and a DNA selection option in dynamic positions. The new engine delivers a power of 105 horse power at 5500 rpm and noted with a peak torque of 145 Nm. Apart from all this the model has a eco friendly benefit as it emits low carbon di oxide. The emission is among the lowest of its class and is recorded around 99 grams per kilometer. The model is also fuel efficient with a mileage of hundred kilometers per 4.2 kilometers. The model switches from 0 to 100 kilometer in just 11.9 seconds and noted with a top speed of 184 kilometer per hour. These are all impressive figures and sure will be considered as positive ones.

The interiors are also attractive and with new and advanced features. The multimedia device is made up of continental and is based on Uconnect, which is the next generation entertainment system. The model also features a five inch touch screen with all latest features and technologies enabled in it. You can use it for live video as well as audio streaming. The touch screen can be directly connected to an internet and download all the necessary systems. The system also contains all the latest safety measures and systems. They are provided with rear camera to ensure full safe parking. The driver control panel also consists of upgraded and advanced navigation system which can be used to get all the maps and details. It is connected to Google maps and provides all the details. There are other features like blind spot detection, traffic signal detection, lane shifting switches and many more. The model also features two air bags.

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