2014 BMW 4-Series Convertible details

2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible 6 2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible details

2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible 5 2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible details

The new BMW is the series 4 convertible heralds and a new design with special features and attractive looks and above all the premium middle sized open car offered by the brand. The new series launched by the brand is much more developed and advanced with latest features and enhanced appearance and also convertible while putting new standards in respect of dynamics, elegance and excellent driving comforts. The model also looks much more attractive inside out and add to it the variant colors in which they are manufactured. In its design and styling the BMW 4 series singles out and stands apart from the other BMW 3 series models, though considered as cousins but have much developed and featured technical specifications.

The new series 4 model is larger in width, track and wheel base compared to the series 3 model of the same brand. The weight management and particularly the distribution over its complete body both in front as well as rear catch special attention. The model looks extensively striking with features up front double grille, twin rounded headlights. The new series 4 model is designed with air breathers which is positioned rearward of the front wheel arches. Along with the air curtains the above elements reduces the turbulence and aerodynamics in the front wheels. The horizontal lines and the solid muscular body lines with the wheel arches combine to the machine’s wide track and rear wheel driving concept. The new series is featuring advanced technologies like the sensors at front and rear along with parking assistance. The rear camera ensures easy parking assistance and the other sensors makes sure the vehicle drives without any further collisions.

The front and rear sensors detects any object within certain distance and informs the driver with certain alert. The control panel also include switches which helps in lane shifting and other warning systems in case of any necessity. The driving assistant plus option provides with all new and advanced driver satisfaction. These systems have radar sensors and camera monitoring system which continuously detect any object or other vehicles in a certain limit from the car. In case of certain collision it alerts the driver and minimizes the risk factor. In some cases it notifies the driver while steep turning and sharp lane shifting with a specific alarm. The bright and powerful LED lights in front of the car ensure full road coverage and provide exceptional intensity. The high beam assistance when activated eliminate the danger of dazzling vehicles as they approach or come near to the vehicle. The high beam assistant can also adapt to the traffic situation by shifting to low beam on both sides. The series 4 model also features fog lights and are powerful enough. In addition to the rear view camera and parking assistance control the driver is having surround view function with both side and top view. When the car is moving under 20 kilometer per hour the side view function automatically activates and the driver can keep an eye on the cross traffic. These are some features which are worth mentioning.

The internal system features mobile connectivity and other gadgets also. You can use all your electronic equipments for different amusement purposes and also music players. The latest and new generation navigation system professional featured full speech recognition and other voice recognition systems. The BMW connected application systems allows using all social networking within the car and can be used to lock as well as unlock the vehicle. The new model is sure to draw customers toward it and the eye catching looks and special features are some additional aspects to attract them.


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