2014 Hyundai Sonata details and features

2014 Hyundai Sonata 2014 Hyundai Sonata details and features

With all the appreciation and applause from the market Hyundai received for being the most dependable midsized car manufacturer are gearing up for the all new SONATA in the coming year. The manufacturer J. D. Power and Associates are quite excited and are expecting high from this new model which is featured with new safety technologies, unique comforts and many other customer satisfactory features.

The new Sonata which will be launched in the year 2014 has all exterior upgraded looks and many added features. The Hyundai design engineers, product planners and support staff made sure every aspect of the new model is enhanced and like every time they are expecting good response from the customers as well. The 2014 Sonata comes with more upgraded features and experts believe it is worth the money they will charge for the machine. The engineers have in total made 50 major system changes and some are either new or redesigned. The customers are sure to get a good value for their money. The price of new model is increased by 155 dollars and experts say the increase is worth the up gradation. The pricing for the all new SONATA GLS will start from 21,350 dollars.

The new model is more fuel efficient, included aerodynamics which reduces the wind noise. The model looks much more attractive and upscale appearance. The wheels are made up of 17 inch and 18 inch multi spoke wheels. The interior aspects are also amazing with all new leather steering wheels. The model is having an eight inch navigation screen with all special features, colored audio screens, high definition radio and a backside camera. An all new LCD screen is placed in between tachometer and speedometer. Well ventilated driver seat designed both standard and normal size. The design has new LED dome light which is optional on GLS and standard versions. The new Sonata model has a feature named Blind Spot Detection system which with the help of all sensors continuously monitor and detect all traffic in and around the car. When there is a particular vehicle within a specified distance from the car the sensors draw the attention of driver through different audio and visual elements.

All the models of Sonata are enabled with vehicle stability management which manages electronic stability control and motor driver electric power steering. The main use of the system is that suppose you are driving the all new Sonata on a surface which is slippery at one side and dry at other side. The sensor detects it and directs it to one particular surface so that any chances of accident can be minimized. The sensor also detects and helps in lane switching and draws the attention of driver while fast cornering. The tire pressure monitoring system is also been updated in comparison to the previous models which helps in detecting the low pressure and any other faults.

Behind all this the 2014 Sonata is featured with three selectable steering modes comfort, normal and sport. The comfort mode is generally suited while driving in the city and parking times, which makes driving much easier. The steering becomes much easy to handle at that time whereas the normal mode is best for mix of driving conditions. The sport mode of steering is best while driving in windy roads, high ways and such conditions. So it is up to the driver to select the particular mode and enjoy the driving experience. This driver selectable steering mode adjusts power assistance for each and every mode and allows the driver with much more facility and options. With all such added features it is expected that the all new Sonata draws the attention of customers.

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