2014 Mitsubishi eK Space Wagon announced

2014 Mitsubishi eK Space Wagon 2 2014 Mitsubishi eK Space Wagon announced

Mitsubishi, one of the oldest and well known car manufacturers in the market have announced the launch of their new model the EK SPACE and EK SPACE CUSTOM at Japan next year. Insiders say that the new model is described as the Super Height Wagon and is being jointly manufactured by the two famous brands Mitsubishi and Nissan. None of the manufacturers agreed to discuss or reveal any specifications about the new model but experts believe the model will be the upgraded version of EK WAGON. The new model is expected to have modifications in the interior height and volume of the cabin. It is itself a leader in its own class.

The best features believed to be included in the model are the tinted rear windows and electrically sliding back door. The four seated vehicle is equipped with all new facilities and technologies such as the climate control, advanced navigation system, parking assistance, good audio systems connectivity etc. though there is no exact details about the specification but still it is believed to have output of 36kW and 47 kW respectively. The model is expected to go on sale by next year and pricing will be revealed only after few days.


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