2014 Opel Meriva details and images

2014 Opel Meriva 2014 Opel Meriva details and images

The Opel Meriva since its first launch in the year 2003 has been one of the favorite and benchmark monocabs. The second generation of the series launched in 2010 with superb innovation and advanced features such flexdoors, flexible seating, relaxing posture at the front and back seats, also smart storage systems. Since then the expectations are high from the model and now here comes the new generation Opel Meriva 2014 with more additive features. The new model is far more sophisticated, more efficient and more functional features than other contemporary models. The new model is expected to feature in the coming January 2014 Brussels motor show.

The Opel Meriva features new generation diesel power train, 1.6 CDTI, with power capacity of 100kW or 135 horsepower and delivers a torque of 320 Newton meters. The new model is fuel efficient with 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers and emits in an average 116 grams of carbon di oxide per kilometer which is ten percent less compared to its previous model. The new model boasts much better acceleration and performance. The new Opel Meriva model has five and six speed manual gear boxes and is being upgraded and offers more precise shifting which offers much smoother operation and less effort.

The new Opel Meriva gets a new infotainment system with embedded, super fast and user friendly navigation system with much more features and also has voice control systems. The model also features a high definition seven inch color monitor with easy operation and better functionalities. The display also shows the rear view and this in turn assists while parking. Making normal calls and audio streaming with the help of Bluetooth are possible in the model. The map is updated and features almost all the small places and has the option of updating with the help of any USB. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this new model.

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