2014 Renault Duster Detour Concept

2014 Renault Duster Detour Concept 4 2014 Renault Duster Detour Concept

2014 Renault Duster Detour Concept 5 2014 Renault Duster Detour Concept

Renault Duster Detour is a collaborative work between Renault design Europe and specialized South African design studio which has jointly put forward the all new design and look. The model looks stunning and is being looked as the most waited car of the year. Add to it the superb features of Renault and the designs which will surely attract customers and car fans. This new sports utility vehicle looks superbly stunning and the best part is its muscular body and strong looks.

The model will be available in two different colors the Pearl Yellow and the Matt Grey. Tinted windows and black pillar masks are standard features throughout the body and add to it the 18 inch wheels; they are fitted with terrain tyres, widened wheel arches. From the front end the all new Renault Duster Detour is yellow dynamite. The model features front grille embedded with Renault trademark logo. The side views of the model are stunning and it looks attractive and dominating from front to back. The car is enabled with LED lights and provide with powerful beam at night. The driver seat position enables a proper view and the interiors need special mention.

The interiors are superbly designed and good finishing touches. According to the Director of Renault they had fun in designing the new model and believe the model will be highly acclaimed by the customers. Following the futuristic and super strong sports utility vehicles Renault Duster has created its own bench mark and the new model is sure to continue with the new work. Already customers are flowing and waiting desperately for the all new version of the model and believes it will surely drive the fans crazy. The masculine will be a powerful tour vehicle and will be drivers delight because of the advanced features.


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