2014 Subaru XV Black limited edition

2014 Subaru XV Black 3 2014 Subaru XV Black limited edition

Leading car manufacturing company Subaru is introducing the limited edition Subaru XV Black. The model wears crystal silica paint and comes with a more rugged and superb appearance and thanks to its looks which make it look more vibrant and eye catching. The model is fitted with special rubber floor mat and it is a good attraction. There are two options for the customers. They can choose from 2.0 liter boxer diesel engine connected to six speed manual boxes and the other one with 2.0 liter boxer gasoline engine mated with lineartronic an automatic transmission and also connected to six speed manual box.

The gasoline powered model will come in 24,495 GBP where as the diesel can be available at 24,995 GBP. The model is featured with 17 inch alloy wheels and other attractive features. It has automatic cruise control, driver assistance control panel, folding mirrors, daytime running lights and heated front seats. The car also features vehicle dynamic control system and many more. The model is fitted with a rear camera and it helps in parking assistance. The model is already being pre booked and is getting some good reviews. Experts also believe that the model is good enough and can satisfy lot of the customers.



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