2014 Volvo’s XC70 Estate Car

2014 Volvo XC70 Estate Car 2014 Volvos XC70 Estate Car

Volvo is known for manufacturing all classy and luxurious models and here comes this new XC70 and it is the third generation of this series. The new model is expected to be released in mid 2014 and is upgraded in many respects’ compared to its previous model. The model features some exterior design changes and addition of updated and new gadgets from inside. The model has beco0me more attractive and stunning from outside. The edges are made sharp and fitted with strong bumpers both at front and rear.

The bumpers ensure full safety. The light panels are bit changed and looks stunning when power is on. The roof is made attractive with new designs. The alloy wheels ensure the full stability and support of the vehicle. From inside the model is made technologically sound and much developed. It is fitted with new gadgets like the driver assistance applications and many more systems.

They now provide full internet access with in car and live streaming of music and videos can be done. Some safety issues are also met and features new systems like the “intellisafe” which ensures that the model is collision free and it provides an automatic alert to the driver so that he can avoid the collision. It also helps to stop the car when it detects any nearing object or things. It proves to minims and effect and cause less injury in worst cases.

It also rings an automatic alert system so as to ensure the driver that the car is speeding high. The system also efficiently detects pedestrians and help in controlling and maintaining the speed limit. You can use the internet facility to download all the latest climatic conditions, road traffics and also finds a suitable parking space. There is an upgraded navigation system which provides the driver with new facilities and options.

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