2014 Alpina BMW B4 Bi-Turbo Coupe details

2014 Alpina B4 BiTurbo Coupe 8 2014 Alpina BMW B4 Bi Turbo Coupe details

2014 Alpina B4 BiTurbo Coupe 4 2014 Alpina BMW B4 Bi Turbo Coupe details

In recent times BMW has launched some extensive and variety of sports cars and each of them are of high performance and lots of capabilities. Another new range of sport car is coming shortly and this time it’s the Alpina BMW B4 Bi-Turbo Coupe. The cars are equipped with all the latest features and have necessary upgrades. It ensures all features like ultimate driving comfort, performance level, comfort and superb efficiency level. This all sums up to create such powerful vehicle. There are different series of car available in Alpino style. The new Alpino BMW B3 and B4 Bi Turbo models combine all the characteristics and gives a new range of service.

The Alpina BMW B4 Bi-Turbo Coupe is powered by 3 liter engine with two turbo chargers which produces an output power of 410 horse powers. The maximum torque generated by the car is around 600 Newton Meter. The all new Alpina BMW B4 Bi-Turbo Coupe is featured by sport suspensions and has a 8 speed sport transmission. It also features switch tronic which helps to deliver maximum comfort level and impressive dynamics. The car is designed with 19 inch alloy wheels and new powerful tires. The front grille is stunning and it gives a complete new look to the car. The designs are really stunning both from interiors as well as exteriors.

The perfect matching and tuning of power, high torque generation and high tech transmissions combines to give a good performance overall. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in just 4.2 seconds and attains an impressive top speed of 300 kilometer per hour. The models provide an impressive fuel efficiency of 100 km per 7.6 liters of fuel. The emission rate is also quite in check and is around 177 gms of carbon di oxide and carbon monoxide per kilometer.


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