2014 Cadillac ATS details and images

2014 Cadillac ATS 1 2014 Cadillac ATS details and images

Here comes the all new Cadillac ATS which is featured with lot of new technologies and features. The price of the model is fixed at forty four thousand dollars and comes with extensive new qualities. The type of the vehicle is sedan and has a fuel capacity of 61 liters. The mileage is also believed to be impressive with eighteen kilometers per liter in city and twenty eight kilometers per liter in the highway. The model looks impressive and stylish. The length of the car is 464 cm. breadths are 181 cm and the height is 142 cm.

The car provides comfortable seating arrangement for five passengers and the interiors are superb. It looks beautifully designed and furnished from inside. The seats are leather wrapped and the same leathers are used in the steering as well. The engine is of new technology with V6 DI DOHC VVT. The car generates a power of three hundred and twenty one horsepower with a torque of two hundred and seventy five pounds per ft. The transmission is powered by six speed automatic system.

The model is designed with all the comfort levels and ensures full safety and security. The model also features all the latest technologies like upgraded global positioning system, navigation system and helps in giving full direction. The interiors are with all new designs. The car is launched in a recent car show and will be available around mid 2014. The car is fitted with seventeen inch alloy wheels and it helps in maintaining the balance of the car. The model is superbly built on its wheels and is believed to be a driver’s delight. The headlamps are fitted with LED lights and provide the car with superb clarity and night vision. So hold yourself until next year till the model is available.


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