2014 Chrysler 300s details and features

2014 Chrysler 300s 1 2014 Chrysler 300s details and features

2014 Chrysler 300s 2 2014 Chrysler 300s details and features

The new Chrysler 300S is coming with some up gradation and latest features. It is featured with new “blacked out” looks and new sport interiors, with benchmark qualities, technological aspects and superb crafted design. The model is powered by V6 engine and gives an impressive mileage of 31 miles per gallon in the highways and around 25 miles per gallon within the city. The model emits an output power of 300 horse power and comes with a ZF eight speed automatic transmission, paddle shifters, sport mode and sport tuned exhaust. It is best in its class and is considered amongst the fuel efficient cars.

The model is upgraded with its sound quality and new model of music system is provided in this special edition. It has also become much more luxurious and provides the best quality rear seat volume for its comfort and is also spacious enough. The interiors have been featured with new upgraded driver assistance panels. They help in ensuring the full safety features and gives driving a new dimension. There is power steering enabled with the model, fitted with 18 inch alloy wheels. It best compliments the car design and makes sure you enjoy your ride.

Apart from all this the most attractive feature of the new Chrysler 300 s is that it is fuel efficient and is powered by powerful engines. Six cylinders are turbocharged and ensure superb performance. The emission rate is also comparatively lower from its other variants. It is featured with latest technological features like automated cruise control, up graded navigation system, global positioning system, driver assistance, anti brake system and so on. The model has become much more luxurious and ensures that the passengers are comfortable enough. All such facilities help in making it a hot favorite amongst the customers. So wait for the launch and hope it satisfies the customers.


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