2014 Ford Ka Design Concept

2014 Ford Ka concept 2 2014 Ford Ka Design Concept

2014 Ford Ka concept 6 2014 Ford Ka Design Concept

After all the buzz and lot of rumors finally the manufactures have revealed the first look of the car. The Ford Ka has created lot of headlines and lots of pictures have been launched assuming that of Ka’s look. But putting rest to all those rumors you can get the new looks and technical details of the model in their website. The car is all set to go on sale in Brazil from late 2014. The looks are amazing and it features quite similar to Austin Martin models. However the headlights are quite different and look completely new. They are all LED headlamps and as usual provide clear viewing.

Though the full specification of the car is not available but some basic information’s are known. The car is powered by 1.0 liter three cylinder which gives output power of 80 Horse Power or 59 kW, along with another variant which is powered by 1.5 liter and effectively gives output power of 111 Horse Power or 82 kW. Both the variants are powered by ethanol as well as gasoline and this helps in attaining fuel efficiency as well as low emission rates. At first the model will be launched in Brazil and then it is believed to be brought in the European markets.


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