2014 Honda Civic hatchback

2014 Honda Civic hatchback 2 2014 Honda Civic hatchback

Honda recently launched the all new Honda civic hatchback with some new features. The model is upgraded with power steering and is all set to go on roads from November 2014. There are lots of changes including mechanical as well as visual changes. The model has been recently launched in a motor show and there they revealed the first look of the car. The best feature of this new model is that it is modified with electric power steering and it is re-tuned to provide more secure and comfortable driving experience at higher speeds. You can have lots of fun while driving at high speeds.

The fronts as well as the back bumpers are re-designed and it gives a superb look to the car, the rear suspension is realigned and it will improve the hatchbacks handling. This all modifications are based on the clients request from their previous editions and accordingly here is the new version for all of you. Apart from all those systems there are lot of up gradations in the technological aspects and you can get them in this new model. The new edition is enabled with advanced driving assistance system which offers the driver with lot of flexibility and driving comfort.


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