2014 Honda FCEV Concept details and images

2014 Honda FCEV Concept Photos 5 2014 Honda FCEV Concept details and images

2014 Honda FCEV Concept Photos 1 2014 Honda FCEV Concept details and images

The all new look and stylish Honda FCEV Concept recently featured in Los Angeles motor show and is all set to go on roads from 2015. The new car features with all new style statement and holds a new generation fuel cell vehicle which was quite anticipated. The model will be launched in US and Japan initially, and then followed up by European countries. The car features new designs and has an ultra aerodynamic body, provides sufficient passenger space and can comfortable make seating ability for 5 passengers. The car is featured with new power train packaging efficiencies.

The design of the car is totally different and it is one of the added features of the model. The car is potentially powerful enough and has low emission as well as high fuel efficiency. Because of this features it is being considered as one of the environment friendly or eco friendly car. according to Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of American Honda Motor Co. the all new Honda FCEV will set new directions for next generation fuel cell vehicles and all improvements for electric drive technology. The changes that’s coming are substantial very much realistic.

However it should be noted here that Honda has ruled the industry for nearly two decades in all types of research and developments in fuel cell technology through wide-ranging real world testing the first supervised fleet consumption and client leasing program. The brand has made important and major technological advancements in fuel cell process in all types of weather conditions, whether it is hot or sub freezing weather. Not only that they have also ensured all stringent emissions requirements and safety regulations in mind. So hopefully this will help them in maintaining the market value and hopefully we will be able to see new innovations and more technological advancements in coming years.


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