2014 Jaguar C-X17 5 Seater

2014 Jaguar C X17 5 Seater Concept 1 2014 Jaguar C X17 5 Seater

2014 Jaguar C X17 5 Seater Concept 2 2014 Jaguar C X17 5 Seater

So finally Jaguar has unveiled their all new five seater model which is new ultra luxurious features. The car recently featured in a motor show and has impressed quite a few with its looks and stunning design. The revise model of C X17 which is developed from China has a stylish, spacious and innovative cabin which features high quality and modern interior finishes. There are all modern features like wi fi connectivity within the car and all types of social channels. There is a rear exit detection which helps the driver to approach blind spot objects.

The model is featured with all the latest facilities and technological aspects. The most added feature of this model is that it is a five seater design and it provides comfortable seating arrangement for five passengers. The interiors are well designed and have all the entertainment features. You can connect all taste gadgets for using the internet and there is an 11.2 inch touch screen. It helps in viewing all videos and audio streaming. The designers have also ensured that the model is safe and secured enough for the passengers with some hi tech safety features. There are lots of sensors fitted and they ensure all the aspects are met.

The interior seats are all leather trimmed alongside the steering and gear knob. The audio system is featured with new technologies and gives a new sound quality. However the brand has not revealed any technical details and specifications of the model but s expected to out soon enough. The car will ensure all types of comfort and pleasure. There will be a new driving experience and you can feel it while enjoying its ride. The emission rate for this new car is also less and it is around 100 grams of carbon di oxide per kilometer.


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