2014 Jaguar XJ

2014 Jaguar XJ 1 2014 Jaguar XJ

2014 Jaguar XJ Interior 4 2014 Jaguar XJ

Jaguar is one of the leading car manufacturing companies and they provide some luxurious as well as well designed car models. Jaguar has recently unveiled the all new Jaguar XJ and it is all set to be launched in 2014. The new edition will see an improved and designed car so that they can allure more drivers towards the class of sedan. Sedan cars have always been their flag ship. The base price of this new Jaguar XJ is around seventy three thousand and two hundred US dollars. The fuel tank capacity of the model is 82.2 liter and gives an impressive mileage of 18 miles per gallon within the city whereas 27 miles per gallon in the highways.

The type of this model is sedan and the dimensions are 201.9 inch or 512.7 cm in length, 57.3 inch or 145.5 cm in height and 74.8 inch or 190 cm in width. The wheel base of the car is 119.4 inch or 303.3 cm. the overall weight of the car is 1755 kilograms and holds a impressive luggage capacity of 15.2 cu ft. the car can comfortable provide seating arrangement for four people. The model is equipped with a 3.0 Liter V6 Supercharged engine and the Compression Ratio of 10.5: 1.

The overall power generated by the model is 340 Horse Power at the rate of 65oo revolutions per minute. The torque generated by the model is 332 lb-ft at the rate of 3500-5000 revolutions per minute. The transmission power of the car is eight speeds automatic and gives a top speed of 195 kilometers per hour. The model switches from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in merely 5.7 seconds and this gives lot for its customers. The wheels are provided with 19 inch alloy wheels for better comfort and driving experience.


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