2014 Kia Soul EV details and photos

2014 Kia Soul EV 2014 Kia Soul EV details and photos

Here is the all new model from Kia motor and they have created all new electric cars with low emission rates. The model is designed with new features and will be launched all over the world. Earlier the car manufacturer manufactured car within Korea but this new model will be manufactured for all places. The cars are run by electric charge and have lot of added features. The new model will be ready for sale from mid 2014. The new model is featured with all electric and zero emissions. The name of the new vehicle is given Kia Soul EV. The new model is an upgraded model with new designs and second generation Kia soul. The car can be easily operated and is perfect for everyday use.

The new Kia Soul is equipped with high capacity 27 kWh lithium ion polymer battery package. The new model is able to run for 120 miles at a single charge and that will be a good feature and also will efficient enough to please the customers. The model can be easily charged with power outlets and takes a minimum time of 4 to 5 hours to charge completely. The batteries can be charged with standard 240 volts outlets and also with 25 minutes fast charge with 100 kW output. This means the car is efficient and affordable to use. These are amongst the low charged models and hope to get good response from the market.

The front wheel drive is designed with all new concepts and is believed to draw lots of attention. Compared to its previous model the new design is having a complete modification in its front wheel drive. Apart from all this the new model is powered by 109 horse power electric motor and it produces a torque of 210 lb-ft. the model delivers the power to the front wheels through a single speed constant ratio ear reduction unit. The model accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 12 seconds and the top speed of the model is 90 miles per hour. The model promises to maintain its reputation and is true to Soul’s fun to drive concept.

The other features of the model are that they don’t have any engine noise and it helps the model to maintain a low engine noise. There are some special sound proofing features enabled in the model and it helps to ensure exceptional a quiet ride. Another good feature included here is that it ensures the benefit of the pedestrian safety as it is equipped with Virtual Engine Sound System which emits audio sounds thereby alerting them. This sound is emitted when the car crosses the limit of 12 mph and while in reverse gear.

The Kia Soul is designed with 16 inch alloy wheels and it maintains the design of the model. The weight distribution is equally maintained and it helps in superb ride and comfortable features. The car is fitted with light emitting diode headlamps and they ensure clear viewing. The tyres are aerodynamically designed ensuring the safety of the car. The exterior looks stunning with cutting edge image and its looks are inspired by 2012 Kia Track’ ster concept. From inside also the model is well furnished and helps in full comfort and features.

From inside the model is fitted with unique supervision instrument cluster. There is a eight inch LCD display screen and you can enjoy all types of music and videos. There are lots of applications installed in it and some common apps are automatic weather updates, traffic details and so many other. The car is completely eco friendly and helps in low emissions. All such features add up to the car and they will surely draw the attention of the customers.

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