2014 Lincoln MKC details and photos

2014 Lincoln MKC 1 2014 Lincoln MKC details and photos

2014 Lincoln MKC Interior 2 2014 Lincoln MKC details and photos

The Lincoln Company is moving forward with their all new premium utility vehicle named as the Lincoln MKC which is all set to go on road from 2015. The new model is a recreation with all new features and first class luxury and comforts. The model is designed with all new 2.3 liter EcoBoost engines which offers excellent performance and is implemented with lift gate which is an example of masterful customer service. The luxurious interiors provide superb comfort and are attractive to look as well. There are lots of innovative technologies which add up to the ownership experience. The new model is a reinvention and it follows the MKZ sedan to become the second all new Lincoln.

The new model is a perfect mixture of inspired automatic design and dynamic driving experience and they have grown in popularity list few years. There are lots of customers are satisfied with the variety of car’s manufactured by the company as brand created some famous and well known models. The looks of the car is excellent as it looks well furnished and designed. The headlamps are new designed and it gives a full new dimension to the car exteriors. Te backlights are also stylish and look vibrant. There is a chrome grille which is fitted in the front as well as at the back.

The new edition will add up to four set of luxury vehicles which will be launched by the brand around 2016. The car is featured with all new 2.3 liter Eco Boost engine and it offers power emission of around 275 horse power. The torque generated by the model is around 300 lb-ft at the rate of 3000 revolutions per minute. These are all based on the basic preliminary data. The model is also fitted with class exclusive Active Grille shutters which are designed to improve the fuel efficiency at high speeds. This will help the car to be stable and effectively maintain the speed at highways.

The model comes with all new standards 2.0 liter Eco Boost four cylinders turbocharged engine and it effectively produces 240 horse power of power at the rate of 5,500 revolutions per minute. The torque generated by the model is around 270 lb-ft at the rate of 3000 revolutions per minute. This is all about the Lincoln MKC standard model. Generally the model is fitted with 18 inch alloy wheels which complement the car looks, but on demand they are available with 19 inch alloy wheels for exclusive cornering and easy handling. This also helps the car to give a sportier look. This are some impressive features and you can always prefer to choose the 19 inch wheels as they come with extra security features.

Apart from all this the car is featured with lot of security and safety measures. This all helps the drivers and passenger to ensure a safer journey. The model features advanced technology such as collision warning and it alerts the driver before any types of object nearing the vehicle. There is the all new lane shifting system and driver assistance which ensures the driver to avoid all types of accidents. When any of this problem is faced there is an automatic alert generated which is an audio sound. Apart from that there is a visual alert on the windshield and a automatic brake assist sensitivity, which automatically triggers the brake and minimizes the collision. There is also facility of blind spot information system which helps in monitoring the blind spots with its radar sensors, cross-traffic alerts which ensures about the traffic details and automatic weather updates. This will definitely draw the customer’s attention.


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