2014 Magnum MK5 details and images

2014 Magnum MK5 1 2014 Magnum MK5 details and images

Magnum cars have recently launched there all new Magnum MK5 models which are believed to be a superb classy sport car. The model is a two seated roadster with rear wheel drive and also featured with light weight technology. According to experts the light weight of the model helps to attain a superb speed easily. The Magnum MK5 is having 3.914 mm length, 1.884 mm breadth and 1.069 mm tall. The cockpit of the car is fitted with carbon fiber seats which is comfortable for the drivers and also features six point seat belts. Apart from that the model also has a rear view camera which will give a clear vision.

The new Magnum MK5 weights only five hundred and forty five kilograms and has a power to weight ratio of four hundred and sixty horse powers per ton. This is really impressive considering the models features. The engine delivers an output power of two hundred and fifty horsepower and also has a four mounted cylinders. The car switches from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in just 3.2 seconds. The top spedd of the car is recorded as 240 kilometer per hour. The price of the car is fixed at 139,000 US dollars.


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