2014 Mini Cooper S details and photos

2014 Mini Cooper S 3 2014 Mini Cooper S details and photos

2014 Mini Cooper S 5 2014 Mini Cooper S details and photos

The all new MINI is set to hit to roads in coming few months, the one of the leaders in manufacturing small car segments. The new model has been followed up with tremendous advancements in almost all areas and ensures driving fun, quality and appearance. The highlights of this model are the Real Time Traffic Information systems and it keeps updating the driver with necessary y details and changes. The model is fitted with upgraded entertainment aspects like speakers, woofers which help in superb feeling within the car. LED head lamps, Head up display, emergency call and Mini connected XL journey mated with the traffic information system are some important features of the model. These features were previously added in higher vehicles but this compact or small segment car is the first to feature with all such developments.

The MINI cooper S is featured with Twin Power Turbo Technology and this features will be added in its new edition which is all set to be launched in spring 2014. The new MINI Cooper has a 3 cylinder petrol engine with a maximum output of 100 KW or 136 Horse Power. The other variant of the same series which is named as MINI Cooper s emits an output power of 141 KW or 192 Horse Power. The new MINI Cooper D is powered by an output of 85 KW or 116 Horse Power and it is a 3 cylinder diesel engine.

The new model is featured with standard 6 speed manual transmission, alongside 6 speed automated transmission and it is optionally available in each of the variants. The mileages provided by each of the variants are impressive and it consumes around 3.5 to 3.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. So it looks impressive and let’s waits for the vehicle when it will be launched in the market.


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