2014 Seat Leon Ecomotive

2014 Seat Leon Ecomotive 2 2014 Seat Leon Ecomotive

2014 Seat Leon Ecomotive Interior 2 2014 Seat Leon Ecomotive

The new model from seat is fuel efficient and eco friendly car and is added with some latest features. The car has the feature of low emission rates and can help customers with their eco friendly behavior. The car has recently taken part in a recent motor show and has looked impressive. The car will be available at a handsome rate of nineteen thousand euros. The best feature of the model is that it emits only 12gm of carbon di oxide per kilometer, which is very rare in today’s models. So this feature singles out and will surely keep its customer on their feet.

The model is featured with an engine of 1.6 liter TDI diesel engine and is mated with six speed manual gearbox and is ensured to provide optimum efficiency level.  Apart from that the car has an excellent mileage will help the customer with the feature. The car will be available early next year and seeing the features the demand is also going high. This car is amongst those very few eco friendly cars that are launched in recent times with added feature of lower mileage. The car manufacturing brand is excited with the model and is expecting a good response from the customers.

The car looks stylish and classy. The exteriors are well designed and are fitted with LED lights which provide superb clarity. There are other features which are going to impress the customers like the interiors and the comfort level. The seats are well designed and makes sure that they are comfortable enough for the passengers. There are some latest technologies and features that will keep customers excited. There is upgraded navigation system, global positioning system and other facilities which will help the customers in different way. The model is built on superb wheels and that helps in balancing the weight.


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