2014 Suzuki Crosshiker revealed

2014 Suzuki Crosshiker 1 2014 Suzuki Crosshiker revealed

Suzuki recently launched the pictures of all new Suzuki Crosshiker and the model was also featured in one of the latest motor shows. The car looks different and that’s why may be in demand. Though the technical details of the model is not yet revealed but is expected to be released soon. According to the experts the model is superbly built on its wheels and the design is the main attraction of the model. It looks muscular and stylish. The engine is also believed to be strong and can be favored in all types of roads.

The all new Suzuki Crosshiker looks compact and weights around eight hundred and ten kilograms. The wheel base is superbly designed and can make any one crazy. The lights are suitable designed and matched with the car body. From top the car looks very compact and generally bulges out when it comes downwards. The design is interesting and you can hold yourself till the technical details are out. Once they are out and revealed we can completely judge about the car. But as of now the car gets all the points for its design and compact looks. Keep your fingers crossed and expect the technicalities are good enough.


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