2014 Suzuki Wind Concept details

2014 Suzuki A Wind Concept 1 2014 Suzuki Wind Concept details

2014 Suzuki A Wind Concept 4 2014 Suzuki Wind Concept details

The Japanese car manufacturer, Suzuki recently revealed the all new wind concept in a recent motor show. The car featured in Thailand International Motor Expo 2013. The model looks compact and well designed. The brand has revealed that the new design will be available from end 2014 and till then you can hold your breath. The model is superbly crafted and was looking amazing in a bright yellow color. The dimensions of the car is3600 mm in length, 1600 mm in width and 1540 mm in height. The model provides a wheelbase of 2425 mm.

The model is set up in 16 inch alloy wheels and shod in 185/55 R16 tires. The engine is powered by 996 cc of gasoline engine and provides power through CVT. However all the technical details and other specifications of the model is not yet revealed and you can expect it by the end of this month. The model has an excellent design with an attractive front grille. The model has two chrome bars which are stretching inside the headlights. The two tone cabin is functional and provides sufficient leg space. You can comfortably drive and use the vehicle. There are some sufficient spaces availed in between the front and rear seats. All such facilities will definitely count as positive points.

However in a recent press release the officials from Suzuki have revealed that their model is focused for all common people and will be highly fuel efficient. Apart from fuel efficiency the model has a good powerful engine. There are some superb facilities like upgraded navigation systems, weather control, traffic updates and so on. You can utilize all this for your cause and get good service. Suzuki is one of leading car manufactures and you can expect to get something special from the brand.


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