2014 Toyota FCV Concept

2014 Toyota FCV Concept 1 2014 Toyota FCV Concept

Here is a new model from one of the leading car manufacturing companies of the world, Toyota. The latest inclusion from the brand is the all new Toyota FCV. The car comes into market with the all new hydrogen powered concept and it provides the customer with variety of options. The car model has a driving range of around five hundred kilometer and refueling time is around three minutes which is almost same as the gasoline vehicle. The exteriors of the car are superb and it enhances the looks of the design. The car is superbly built on its body and helps to carry out lot of function. The model is expected to be launched in and around 2015. Technical specifications of the model are not revealed but you can get those shortly.

The output power of the model is expected to be around 100 kW. The model is equipped with high efficiency boost converter. The new idea behind the concept is that they have reduced the voltage and it has made possible to reduce the size of the motor and also the number of fuel cells. You can get enhanced performance from the vehicle at a reduced cost and this is really exciting about the model.


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