2014 Toyota Harrier in Japan with optional hybrid system

2014 Toyota Harrier 2 2014 Toyota Harrier in Japan with optional hybrid system

Toyota is known among the leading and one of the reputed car manufacturing companies. Till date they have launched some superb engineering models which have drawn the attention of the customers. They mainly focus on the customer demand and based on that the models are launched. Now another sedan class is set up to be launched in Japan in the coming year 2014. The model is designed and crafted with excellence. Though all the technical details and specifications are not yet revealed but are expected to be out soon. This model will be launched for Japan only and they can wait till the official launch of the vehicle. However they have launched the video of the all new Toyota Harrier which is with optional hybrid setup.

The price tag of the car is available. The model will be started with a base fare of 27,300 US dollars which is set for the standard model whereas for the hybrid derivative models it starts from 36,300 US dollars. The model is having all the latest technologies and is believed to include all new facilities, comfort and safety measures. These are some key factors and you can always expect something good from the Japanese manufacturer.


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