2015 Chevrolet Colorado – midsize truck details

2015 Chevrolet Colorado 1 2015 Chevrolet Colorado   midsize truck details

2015 Chevrolet Colorado 3 2015 Chevrolet Colorado   midsize truck details

Chevrolet recently unveiled the all new Chevrolet Colorado which is all set to go on roads from 2015. This is a midsize truck and offer superb capabilities. The customers can utilize all the aspects of it for carrying high weights and without much difficulty. The new Colorado is built on a true Chevy truck which is expected to deliver world class power level and can carry heavy loads easily and comfortably. The car will be available on sale from end 2014 and between 2015.

According to Mark Reuss, General Motors executive vice president and president of GM North America “Our strategy is simple: meet the needs of the broadest possible customer base, and let them choose precisely the right truck to meet their needs”. He also added that the new Colorado benefits from the strong foundation that is laid by the Silverado and have taken the design and capabilities of mid size truck to new heights. Not only that this new model is featured with all the latest safety features which makes it unique and totally different from other models. It has facilities like the forward collision alert and departure warning. This all are new features and help you get the best facility.

Apart from all though it is counted as a mid size truck but it ensures all the comfort and driving excitement. There are two variants available for the model and they are a 2.5 liter V4 model having four cylinders and are standard model whereas there is a 3.6 liter V6 model with six cylinders. The car is enabled with six speed automatic transmission. All the models are effectively tested and features direct injection and variable valve timing to ensure it with higher power and efficiency levels. All such facilities and new technologies can add up to its reputation and get a good customer feedback.


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