2015 Ford Super Duty details

2015 Ford Super Duty 2015 Ford Super Duty details

America is the leading manufacturer of trucks and they are known for designing some quality and high performance trucks. All the models are with high capabilities and you can use them for variety of uses. They are designed keeping in mind all the powerful capabilities and good services. Ford has now introduced the all new model with superb finishes. The muscular body is offering high pickups and is recently featured in a car show. The type of the vehicle is pickup truck and has a fuel capacity of 94 liters. The base prices and mileage for the car is not revealed and will be released shortly.

The dimensions of the car are 590.3 cm in length, 202.9 cm in width and 201.9 in height. The weight of the car is around 3128 kg. The wheel base of the model is 360.2 cm and the ground clearance is around 21.6 cm. the performance of the pickup truck is excellent and it is because of the powerful engine. The engine is put with V8 power stroke Turbo diesel. The model generates around 400 Hp of output. The torque generated by the car is around 800 lb-ft at the rate of 1600 revolutions per minute. The displacement of the car is around 6.7 liter. The maximum revolution of the pickup van is around 4500 revolutions per minute.

The displacement of the car is 6.7 liter and has been powered with six speed torque shift with automatic transmission. These are some good features and can be helpful for the customers. This shows the high capabilities of the model. The interiors are also well designed and have an arrangement of six passengers. There are some latest technologies and other attractive features which will make any pickup car fan crazy. The model is expected to go on roads from mid 2015.

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