2015 W Motors Super Sport

2015 W Motors Super Sport 3 2015 W Motors Super Sport

2015 W Motors Super Sport 1 2015 W Motors Super Sport

Here is the all new super sports car from W Motors. The car recently featured in Dubai motor show and is expected to go on sale from mid 2015. The car is a super sports car with lot of new features and attractive looks. The model is featured with light emitting diodes and they give superb visibility to the drivers. The car has a ventilated hood, carbon fiber side skirts and side air intakes. They are some good features about the model. The model also has a rear diffuser and a four tailpipe exhaust system.

Apart from all this the model is featured with mid rear mounted 3.7- liter twin turbo flat six engine. The model generates a power of 750 horse power or 559 kW power. The torque generated from the model is around 960 Newton meter or 708 lb-ft. this helps the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in just 2.8 seconds. The superb and powerful engine helps the car to attain a top speed of 385 km/hr. this are all impressive figures and can make any sports car fans go crazy. According to the car manufacturing company there will be only 25 units of car being manufactured and the price tag will be around 3.4 million dollars.


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