Volkswagen Twin-Up diesel-electric hybrid concept

Volkswagen Twin Up concept 1024x678 Volkswagen Twin Up diesel electric hybrid concept

Here is the all new Volkswagen twin up diesel electric hybrid concept. It is highly efficient and with lot of capabilities. The weight of the car is around 1,205 kg and is around 410 kg heavier than its nearest model. The car has upgraded electric motor and a 8.6 kWh battery and the fuel capacity is of 33 liters and is 23 liters bigger than the other model. So there is much to offer for the customers. The power for the car comes from the two cylinder 800 cc common rail diesel engine and it is installed transversely in the engine bay.

The car also has lot of capabilities and it switches from 0 t0 60 km/hr in just 8.8 seconds. And it takes 15.7 seconds to switch from 0 to 100 km/hr. this are some good figures and impress the customers. The top speed for the car is around 140 km/hr. now the most important feature that is the mileage of the car. The car gives around 257 miles per gallon and it is really good enough. The car manufacturing company is quite excited with this new model and believes it will get a good response from the market.

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