2014 Lexus GS 300h details

2014 Lexus GS 300h 1 2014 Lexus GS 300h details

2014 Lexus GS 300h 4 2014 Lexus GS 300h details

Here comes the all new Lexus GS 300 h which is all set to be launched in a motor show in December 2013. The model looks superb with two door look and excellent features. The car is expected to be launched around later next year. The car has been developed with new profile so as to raise the brands audiences’ satisfaction. The car recently premiered in Guangzhou Motor Show in China. The model comes with a new grille, upgraded hybrid model which is more dynamic, sophisticated exterior looks, and upgraded interior features. The car ensures all the driving comfort and meets high performance. The model is all set to hit roads from 2014. The car features a new design called the spindle grille. The centre of it has been pushed forward which makes it more powerful and three dimensional forms. The model comes with 16 inch or 17 inch alloy wheels and a shark fin style roof antenna.

The model has been superbly designed with exteriors and interiors. The outside appearance is good and impressive looking. The head lamps are fitted with LED lamps and provide clear viewing. The car model is fitted with nineteen inch alloy wheels and it complements the car design. The car is red colored and looks amazing on the race tracks. It makes it look brighter and contrasting shade adds to its impressive looks. The car is designed with highly acclaimed car design and features. Other details you will be able to know once the details and specifications are available. As of now the brand has launched its photos.

The driver’s cockpit is divided into two zones namely the operational and display zones. The car has all the latest features and technologies included. There is a seven inch touch screen which is featured with upgraded navigation systems and other features. The seats are designed with new technology and ensure the full customer satisfaction. The seats provide optimum occupant comfort and full support to the drivers. The model is designed with 14.6 inch diameter steering and it is easily operated. There is also a 4.2 inch TFT touch screen which is also known as thin film transistor and it can be easily connected with any of the multimedia systems. All such features can be connected via steering wheel mounted switches.

At the back the car is fitted with new bumper and it gives a more horizontal structure. The model will be available in six different colors and each of the models will have exterior paints that are scratch resistant and have a self restoring top coat. The all new Lexus model is featured with all the latest features like upgraded navigation systems, driving assistance, parking assistance, read camera and so on. There are automated traffic updates that are available and you can use it for all the details regarding traffic conditions. The Lexus display audio and electro multi vision systems contain added features like improved operability, hand free functions and voice recognition controls. The sound quality for this new model has been improved and will provide the customers with new loudspeaker technology.

The car model produces a class leading carbon di oxide emissions and start from juts 109 gm/km. the car is highly fuel efficient and provides an impressive mileage of 100 kilometers per 4.7 liter of fuel. The GS 300h combines low running costs with significant tax incentives or benefits in many European countries, including France, Spain and UK. For fleet owners’ accounts to 1,000 in average, at the same time the company car drivers pay on average around 800 less in personal tax over a 3 year lease contract.


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