2014 Mercedes C Class details and images

2014 Mercedes Benz C Class 1 2014 Mercedes C Class details and images

2014 Mercedes Benz C Class 4 2014 Mercedes C Class details and images

2014 Mercedes Benz C Class Interior 3 2014 Mercedes C Class details and images

Here is the all new class from Mercedes brand which is powered by some superb specialties and modern features. The new model has twelve cylinders twin turbo charging and it has an output power of 463 kW and around 630 horse powers. The model generates a torque of about 100 Newton meters. This new model is considered to be one of the super power and efficient car in its class. Apart from luxury and comforts it also has all the technical specifications. The model has exceptional performance and outstanding dynamism. The engine is specified with 6.0 liter V12 biturbo engine.

The model provides variety of design and other facilities so that customers can feel attracted. The superb engine provides power to the engine and helps the car to deliver such high performance. There are other features of the car which are worth mentioning. The car features new specialties like the biturbo charging which is unique. It also has aluminum crankcase with forged crankshaft of high grade alloy steel. The model also features multi spark ignition with 12 spark ignition units. There is facility of air to water intercooler with low temperature circuit. There is an eco start power button and stop button.

There are other special features like the exclusive carbon fiber engine cover with engine badge. The model is fitted with lithium ion batteries which reduces the weight of the car by 20 kgs. There is a sports control with automatic magic body control. These are all new specifications and upgraded features than contemporary models. The model is fitted with light weight alloy wheels which help in attaining superb speed and also maintaining the overall weight. The model was recently featured in one of the car shows and is expected hit roads from early 2015.

With the new Mercedes C Class assistance systems and obtainable support systems of enhanced function from the new S Class and E Class are also optionally available with this model; it also combines the data from various sensor technologies as part of the Intelligent Drive concept to improve the comfort and safety considerably:

  • Distronic plus with Steering Assist and integrated stop and go pilot is a semi automatic traffic jam assistant which at speeds above 60 km/h is able to follow the vehicle ahead even where lane markings are unclear or completely lacking, thus providing a safe and convenient means of following the flow of traffic.
  • The Bas plus brake assist system can now also detect crossing traffic and boost the braking force if the driver fails to apply the brakes sufficiently; the brake can notice stationary vehicles as well as pedestrians, brake automatically if the driver fails to react, thus preventing accidents up to 50 kilometer hour and the severity of collisions at speeds of up to 72 kilometer per hour. In flowing traffic the brake provides assistance according to the same mode of operation throughout the speed range from 7 to 200 kilometer per hour.
  • Improved dynamic lane keeping assist can now also prevent the vehicle from unintentionally drifting out of lane when broken lane markings apply and a risk of a collision arises.

Apart from all that there are numerous assistance systems which include:

  • Active parking assist, which helps in a automated parking with active steering and brake intervention in both parallel and end-on parking spaces.
  • A three sixty degree camera, which is able to show the vehicle and its surroundings from various perspectives, including a virtual bird’s eye view.
  • Traffic sign assistance with wrong way alert, which warns of speed limits and alerts the driver to no-overtaking zones and no-entry signs.


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