2014 Audi A8 L Security introduced!

2014 Audi A8 L Security 1 2014 Audi A8 L Security introduced!

For all the people there who turn their heads away saying this is a standard A8, go ahead and take a better look. The Audi A8 L Security is like an armoured fortress and seemingly impenetrable. For the protected feel, try out the car which has been retrofitted for all high level security purposes like a high grade military car. Audi says that the car conforms to the strictest standards of ballistic protection (VR 7 ), bullet resistance (Bullet Resistant Vehicle 2009 guidelines)and can with stand quite a few big explosions. If you intend on knowing they made it possible, too bad! The building of this car has been so secretive in the Audi’s plant in Germany that even security phones were prohibited while manufacture.

In tech specs, the retrofitted wheelbase is a defining feature of high level security. with an extended length of 5.27 m, the car is 130 mm longer than the standard A8 and made of modified aluminium using the Audi Space Frame Principle. Other materials in the safety cell include hot formed armoured steel, aramide fabric, ceramics, special alloyed aluminium and multi layer glass with polycarbonate coating.
Safety and security features include an emergency exit system, a fire extinguisher system, emergency fresh air system, smoke extractor for passenger compartment, LED signalling system for convoy travel, flashing lights, a siren, flag holder, permanently installed telephone, an accident data recorder, a rear view camera and a heated windshield along with partially heated side windows. All the features can be activated at the touch of specific buttons. Interiors include large cabin space, climate control system, electric rear blinds, BOSE surround system and a TV tuner. The A8L security is a full leather package. Performance wise, the Security is powered by a 6.3 litre W12 direct injected gasoline engine giving a power of 500bhp and 461 lb-ft torque boosting 0-62 at 7.3 seconds..


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