2014 Volkwagen Polo details

2014 Volkwagen Polo 1 2014 Volkwagen Polo details

Volkswagen has officially unveiled the 2014 Volkswagen Polo. On first glance, the car looks very identical to its predecessor. But on looking closely, we can see a lot of new features and on driving, realize what the car actually is all about.

With subtle changes, designers have successfully updated the vehicle by additions such as a redesigned bumper and larger air intake. The grille has been well accentuated with a new chrome strip. The front fascia has new headlights. The rear has been accented through LED headlights. Along with that, the exterior finish has been completed with new choices from five new alloy wheel designs to add a zing to the car.

Volkswagen has updated the engine completely to increase efficiency of the vehicle by up to 21% on some models. The engines were previously a 1.2 liter and 1.6 liter TDI diesel engines. They have been replaced with three 1.4 liter TDI engines. The 74bhp version in the Polo TDI BlueMotion is an efficient one with impressive economy features of 88 mpg and 82 g/km of carbon dioxide. In case, one opts for the 89 bhp diesel option, the emissions will be a slight more 89 g/km. If you prefer to go for the petrol version of the new VW Polo, there is a choice between two 1.2 litre TSI turbo petrol engines. The update here is that the the old 1.2 liter petrol without a turbocharger has been replaced with a 1.0 liter engine which is from the Volkswagen Up! And it offers either 59bhp or 74 bhp. It also comes with a turbo in the new Polo 1.0 litre TSI BlueMotion model, and according to Volkswagen, it will give an efficiency of 69 mpg and emissions of 94 g/km.

In interior design and some aspects of the interior, VW has borrowed some ideas from the larger Volkswagen Golf. The new Polo gets a three spoke steering wheel which is the same as the Volkswagen Golf and infotainment systems which are available in the Golf. The top of the range infotainment system boasts of a 6.5 inch colour touch screen, it can sense as your hand moves towards it and simultaneously displays options accordingly. The system also includes a photo viewer and USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

In safety and more technology, the car offers more with optional adaptive cruise control, an autobraking function, an optional rear view camera and Font Assist Systems. This automatically slows the car down with the help of radar on the front of a car which monitors the traffic ahead. Along with this, there is a clever suspension system called Sport Select which is being offered on the car for the first time and it helps drivers to change the stiffness of the suspension to enable a sportier ride through two stage adaptive dampers.

Volkswagen will be producing a speedy VW Polo GTI version. It will use a 189bhp petrol engine and will be much more powerful than the engine previously used in the VW Polo.

Volkswagen has proposed to produce a speedy VW Polo GTI version, which will use an 189bhp petrol engine, making it a much more powerful than the old engine.
The Volkswagen polo will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show this March as it sets out to prove its prowess, better style and equipment over the outgoing model. The car will be available to order in the UK in the month of April in the UK and one can expect the first deliveries at the end of July. According to Volkswagen, there will be no price hike. Therefore, we can expect the updated basic model to start at a price of around 11.000 pounds.


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