2014 Ford Focus Facelift details

2014 Ford Focus Facelift 1 2014 Ford Focus Facelift details

2014 Ford Focus Facelift 6 2014 Ford Focus Facelift details

2014 Ford Focus Facelift Interior 1 2014 Ford Focus Facelift details

Here is a new model from Ford which markets its existence in the coming market and will feature in the Geneva car show which is all set to start within few days time. There are lots of new models and new design that will come for this show and this areal delight for car enthusiast. The car brings along with it burnished grill and cockpit that is used for its interiors decoration or the designs and the exteriors are equally attractive. The new model will go for sale early second half and this will make its presence in the European market. The car model will be feature in both Ecoboost petrol as well as TDCi disel engines giving best and superior service qualities for the customers.

Both the car variants have an improved and quite superficial looks that will definitely impress the car enthusiast. The car has been designed and modeled to give around 1.65liter of Ecoboost that delivers an output power of 150 PS and 180 PS respectively. This two variants will be available with petrol engine and this model will also come with 1.5 liter TDCi and it delivers an output of 95 PS and 120 PS respectively with diesel engines. The focus has been raised or kept on the 1.0 liter Ecoboost petrol engine which delivers an output power of 100 PS and the other one gives around 125 PS and this will surely give elevated performance on the road. The emissions and other levels are quite impressive with this new version and this will definitely satisfy the customers.

There are some added advantages or positive things that are responsible for this new model and it is mainly the headlamps and the other feature that are much improved and bets in quality. The elongated fog lamps are much brighter and bolder at its needs. The car gives the elegance and at the rear it is such sleeker in look s which gives an impressive exterior model for the car. The car has been complemented with comfortable steering wheel and central stack that are designed with lots of control and other switches. The new black satin trim and chrome details contribute more to its cleaners and modern look that is completely logical and has intuitive functions.

The new navigation system that features along with this car is quite different and best of its class. The screen has a split touch screen display and it has detailed intersections that give all details information regarding the street names, highway junctions, special landmark views and proper direction tag to help getting the direction easy and subtle. The voice recognition system has added with its new control feature and once you speak out certain word base on that the locations will b shown in the screen, the nearest locations, restaurants, and hotels etc. other derails and specifications of the car will be available within few says time when the car will feature in the Geneva car show. This will definitely brings some more features into display.

The car also comes with eight inch display screen that adds lots of feature with it. The user can check latest videos get the navigation and other updates quite easily. The engine has been powered in such a way that you get silent rode and no noise form engine will come out. Special armrest rest is provided for the users and all this are specially done customer satisfaction and amongst the special feature of the car. The parking assistance and other security feature add a lot to its convenience and can be used for all types of uses.


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