2014 Honda CR-V Black and White Editions launched in UK

Honda CR V Black Editions 1 2014 Honda CR V Black and White Editions launched in UK

Honda CR White Editions 1 2014 Honda CR V Black and White Editions launched in UK

Honda UK has revealed recently that they are launching new ranges of CRV models that will hit the market early this year. There are two variant of the model that will be launched and comes with bold exterior and gives the car owners a great road presence. The car has always been known for its market value and the impact it creates in the road. The special edition model will save up to 770 pounds compared to the normal model and along with that you can get added advantages and specifications that can even consider forest importance. So get the ne brand for all your action with the find and comfort at it best.

The new edition from the car will come with 19 inch alloy wheels that will definitely give a value for your road experience and district style senses. The orin alloy wheels gives a lot to the car and this is to ensure the effectiveness and car reputation that I present in the market. The front grille and powerful expression gives more for every user and tailgate spoiler extend more at the libels if the roof. The car has dynamic looks that is sleek and smooth for its practicability. The front and rear skid gives integrated running experiences and also the style upgrades and underside the car with full effectiveness.

The Special edition also gets benefit from the new specifications that come with the model and it also comes with dual climate control features, Bluetooth facility, front as well as rear parking sensors and also power folding mirrors. The car also comes with metallic paints and also has satellite navigation for all suitability and benefits. There are some added service warranties free servicing that are on offer with this new special edition.


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