2014 Mazda2 Colour Edition

Mazda2 Colour Edition 2014 Mazda2 Colour Edition

Mazda is adding two new color additions with its all new Mazda 2 version which is ready to be launched in UK. The new model has upgraded looks and new features that can attract customers worldwide with much more appealing look and attractive features. There are three exterior colors that come with this new model. The base price of the car has been fixed at 11,745 Euros in UK. The model is ready for sale and has a hatch back look with five doors. The name has been given as Color Edition and the Sport Color Edition. From inside there are many features and number of stickers that are attached with exterior badges both the front gate as well as tail gate.

The specifications of the car are 1.3 liter that comes with 75 PS petrol engine and there are 111 new items that features in the color edition of the brand. The new features include 15 inch alloy wheels which are dark in color, there is privacy glass and a Jet Black door mirror and rear spoilers. The steering is leather wrapped with remote control facilities. Apart from that there are some technological changes also such as the Bluetooth and door trim with outer air vents. However in comparison to the sports color edition the color edition is having les specifications and this makes the major difference between the two categories.

The sports color edition comes with 16 inch alloy wheels and has a 1.3 liter engine that comes with 85 PS. The cabin has been equipped with navigation systems, Bluetooth, leather gear knob, electric rear window, trip computer and additional audio speakers. There is an adjustable speed alarm alongside curtain air bags and a plus side. The colors in which the brand is available are True red, white, aluminum silver.


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