2014 Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept

2014 Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept 1 2014 Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept

2014 Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept 3 2014 Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept

The all new Nissan Sentra Nismo was launched in November 20 and the sporty sedan has been famous for its high performance and drastically amped new specifications that is compared with other variants of the brand. However there are very little information that is available regarding the car and it is quite understandable as they want to draw the attention and create lots of hype with their new version. The vehicle type for this new model is Sedan and the base price is yet to be revealed. The fuel tank capacity of the car is around 50 liters which is around 13.2 gallons.

The dimension of the car is Length 182.5 inch or 463.6 cm, Wheel Base 106.3 inch or 270 cm, Height 58.9 inch or 149.6 cm and the Width is 69.3 inch or 176 cm. the luggage capacity of the car is around 15.1 cubic ft and the maximum seating capacity is around five. This ensures that the interiors are spacious and quite comfortable as well. Necessary safety and other aspects are ensured that gives the car comfort and other aspects in sufficient amount. The model engine has been fitted with four cylinders DIG engine and the displacement of the car is around 1.8 liters.

The total power that is generated by the model is around 240 horse power and the maximum revolutions per minute are not known. The torque generated is around 240 lb-ft which is quite good for such sedan class. The transmission is six speeds and manually controlled. The looks of the car has been given sportier looks and quite aggressive in nature along with the sharp angles and necessary fluid lines. The front portion of the car has a new fascia while at the end you get rear exhaust pipes, gives the car an impressive appearance.


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