2014 Peugeot 108 introduced in the market

2014 Peugeot 108 1 2014 Peugeot 108 introduced in the market

Peugeot recently revealed the specifications and further details regarding their all new 108 which is convertible and first time in the market. Initially there was leak regarding the model and following that the brand decided to reveal all details and specifications regarding the car. The manufacture which is from French city aims to bring for customers the lightest vehicles in their segment which comes in light weight. There are many new feature that are included in the car and all such draws the attention of the customers. The overall weight of the car is 840 kilograms and the car will be featured with three as well as five door hatchback alongside cabrio called as the 108 TOP. The car has lots of similarities compared with the Renault Twingo and Cabrio recently launched in the market.

The new model looks much more compact and stylish in its looks. The overall dimensions of the car is 3.47 meter long, 1.62 m wide and 80 cm in height. The car is completely convertible and has been equipped with air version that comes along aero acoustic deflectors which can automatically lower or diminish the cabin turbulence. The engine has been carefully designed and features with 1.0 liter e VTi which delivers an output power of 68 bhp or 51 kW. The gearbox is connected with the five speed manual system. There are start as well as stop buttons which gives the users unique experience. This feature helps in cutting down the emission and also automatic transmission as well.

However there are some other variants available with the concept and it provides 1.2 liter Pure Tech VTi output engine that delivers around 82 bhp or 61 kW which has been connected with five speed manual transmission. Depending on the transmission the car has been fitted with 14 inch alloy wheels as well as 15 inch alloy wheels. The car also has been equipped with hill start system for comfortable ride and driving experience. Moreover the safety and security aspect that comes along with the car is quite developed and advanced. This ensures the safety and security for every customer. There are sufficient feature that comes along with the car which includes emergency collision avoidance system, anti-braking system, switch able ESP system, brake force distribution which is electronically controlled.

The interiors and other exteriors are carefully designed which makes it attractive and delightful to watch. From the user’s point of view there are many aspects that are include adjust to make them satisfied. There arena pictures revealed at present but the technical specifications are enough to reveal about the car. There is seven inch touch screen system that is fitted with the car and it helps the customers to enjoy all entertainment aspects. The model also features airbags and six in number, there is electronic power steering that makes your job much simpler alongside control panel.

However the most important fact that is coming around now is that it is ready for launch next month and will also feature in Geneva Motor fair and will go for sale early July 1st. the car will be favored by customers because of its easy going model and simple looks. The brand is expecting good response from its model and hopefully this will come out good. According to officials they were quite annoyed once they realized that details and pictures were leaked. Following that they decided to launch the details and other facts within next day and here it is. They were planning to reveal every details regarding the model in coming motor show that will be held in coming month.


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